Nargis Fakhri was asked to pin up her outfit because it was a little too revealing for the audience. Here’s what happened. Check it out.

Ouch! That really might hurt considering how upfront Nargis Fakhri is with her views and opinions. Miss Fakhri is one such diva, who always speaks her heart out but looks like in a recent turn of events, she too had to bend her own inhibitions and do as said. We hear that at a recent promotional event, when she visited the sets of Dance Plus, a dance reality show that is aired on Star Plus, the actress was asked to pin up her outfit because it was too BOLD for TV! Yes, Fakhri had donned a chic teal blue Rohit Gandhi Rahul Khanna dress which had a deep neck would’ve turned temperatures but on the show’s request, the actress resorted to altering her outfit and making it less, what’s that word, ah,. scandalous!

In all honesty, the embellished teal blue ensemble with the centre partitioned hair was super gorgeous. In fact, the colour of the outfit along with the cute flow that it had took away all the attention from the cleavage. However, seems like the producers weren’t really piqued about this and thought that perhaps it was a little too revealing for a national TV show. While a lot of questions could be raised on the same, we’ll get on that wagon later. For now, we found out that the producer stated, “There was nothing controversial on the same as we felt the dress was a little bold for our audience. We communicated the same with Nargis and she obliged.” A source even revealed to a tabloid, “The crew initially requested the actress to cover that bold cut since it is a family show. But, when the actress didn’t relent, the show director had to intervene and made it clear to the actress that they cannot go ahead with such brazen skin show.” Apparently, even after awkwardly pinning up the ‘cleavage show’ the producers were still not thrilled.

Okay, we’ve attached the picture above as well so you can see how well she is trying to conceal her dismay but in vain. Sorry folks but her annoyance is pretty evident in this pic. Sadly, Nargis had to comply to the orders of the producers of Dance Plus as she was on the sets to promote her upcoming film, Banjo, with Riteish Deshmukh. Check out the look carefully, what seems wrong here? Even for a family show, there’s absolutely nothing that could be pulled up to say that’s its unacceptable. Unless, they’ve gotten hold of the Censor Board scissors and have used the same to hide away Miss Fakhri’s ‘controversial cleavage’!

It physically aches me to see that the actress had to pin up such a gorgeous dress! But I must applaud Nargis’ patience with the producers and her own team for going ahead and complying to the wants of Star Plus. A tad bit surprised as Fakhri has always been super bold and upfront with her thoughts and views and has never changed her opinion for anyone else. Maybe she just wants to stay away from all the controversy that every single statement of hers create since the breakup.

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