Caught in a web of a drug controversy, the actress-turned-spiritual yogini Mamta Kulkarni has finally opened up about her life to a leading daily. Reportedly, Mamta Kulkarni has been practicing the life of a yogini since 1995 and has also claimed that some cops are using her name in the case to gain publicity.

Mamta Kulkarni, who was one of the most sought after actress in 90s and known for films like Karan Arjun and Aashiq Awara, has been accused of being involved in a drug racket along with her alleged husband Vicky Goswami, which was busted by the Mumbai cops, who claim it to be worth Rs. 2000 crore. Mamta Kulkarni, recently, clarified on the accusations saying that she currently has only the money she earned as an actress, which according to her, is enough for her survival for the rest of her life and that she has only Rs. 25 lakhs in her fixed deposit. She further questioned that if she really owned money worth Rs. 2000 crore, then, why her sister was living in a normal apartment in Mira Road.

Clarifying on the allegations about her connection with drug lord Vicky Goswami, Mamta Kulkarni asserted that she once knew him who had shown her a different way of life. In 1995, she decided to give up her glamorous life after she met Shri Gagangiri Maharaj, who has an ashram in Khopoli. Mamta Kulkarni also claimed that becoming a Bollywood actress was a dream of her mother, but, because she was always wooed by spirituality, she ultimately led her to the path of becoming a yogini. Revealing about her current status with Vicky Goswami, Mamta Kulkarni asserted that she is just friends with him and currently resides alone in Nairobi.

Jay Mukhi, who was supposedly one of the major witnesses in the drug haul case, has allegedly claimed that he has never met Mamta Kulkarni. Stressing on the same, Mamta Kulkarni not only agreed to the same, but further maintained that this was the proof of her innocence. Mamta Kulkarni also stated that some cops were using her name for publicity considering her popularity as a Bollywood actress.

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