In a first for BollywoodLife, we have a tie in a poll
A few days ago, pictures of Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor, taking a smoke break on a street of New York sent the internet into a tizzy. Rumours about the two actors’ affairs started making the rounds again. The first cycle of these rumours took place after their rendezvous in Dubai for an award show, in March 2017. What can we say…both are two of the most beautiful looking human beings you will ever come across. Who would not want to see them romance each other? Well, quite a lot of you. A whole 50 per cent to be precise. Wow, we did not see that coming.

In a first for BollywoodLife, we have a tie in a poll. We asked all you fans to vote whether you liked Mahira-Ranbir as a couple or not. To be honest we expected staggeringly extreme results. But fans are perfectly divided in two over this new alleged couple. 50 per cent of voters think that Mahira and Ranbir make a good couple, while the other 50 per cent aren’t fans of them together.

Not that we are calling shots for them, but just calling a spade, a spade. While 50 per cent of our voters want to see the two together, the other half clearly thinks otherwise. However, we are no one to judge them and they can very well be together even if the world doesn’t want them to be.

Talking about his equation with Mahira, Ranbir has told NDTV, “I’ve gotten to know Mahira in a personal capacity over the last few months. She is somebody who I admire and respect, for her achievements and even more for the person she is.” The actor also gave his two cents to those judging the lady. “It is very unfair the way she is being judged and spoken about. What is also sad is the inequality in judgment just because she is a woman. I request you to stop the negativity and move on with your beautiful god-gifted lives. Peace and love.”

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