Actress Lindsay Lohan reportedly has fallen “woefully short” of completing her community service, logging less than 20 hours since February.

The “Mean Girls” star was ordered by a court in February to complete a further 125 hours of voluntary work by the end of this month. This, after a Los Angeles judge criticised certain tasks she had counted as part of her punishment. A progress hearing was scheduled to take place on Thrusday, in which she should have confirmed the sentence is close to completion, reports

However, a community service organisation here has told prosecutors Lohan has completed fewer than 20 hours.

A prosecutor told the website that they will be asking for a warrant to be issued for the actress’ arrest.

However, if Lohan stays in London, she won’t be arrested as there is no extradition for a misdemeanour offence.

Lohan posted on Instagram, earlier this week, an image of her surrounded by files, claiming she was undertaking community service.

However, even if she works hard from now until the deadline, she may find it tough to complete the sentence as a previous hearing stated she could only undertake four hours of voluntary work a day.

Her probation stems from a reckless driving charge relating to an accident in June 2012, for which she was sentenced to community service, psychotherapy and lockdown rehabilitation.

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