Ranveer Singh unabashedly brags about how Ranbir Kapoor and he have come to save Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan season 5. And we must agree that they do manage to do as promised….
In the very beginning of the show Ranveer Singh unabashedly brags about how Ranbir Kapoor and he have come to save Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan season 5. And we must admit that they have literally spiced up the show with not just their joint appearance, but talking about Deepika Padukone, competition, their identity crisis and even openly admitting that they are NOT friends. And even if like the cynics suggest that this was a well planned and a scripted episode, one cannot deny that it was entertaining and engaging. There is the right amount of curiosity about Ranveer and Ranbir coming together on a chat show for obvious reasons – one’s past is supposedly other’s present and they are arch rivals on work front. So here’s how the episode unfolded and this is what we thought about Karan’s latest Koffee outing…

#What’s hot: Ranveer and Ranbir’s camaraderie is real. They are cordial, but hey there is an obvious undercurrent that even a naked eye cannot miss. They might be all praises for each other, but they did express the right amount of cynicism. After gushing about how great actors the two are when Ranbir is quizzed by Karan on what would he ask Ranveer if he has been administered the truth serum. He says, “Do you really like Ranbir Kapoor?” And that’s not all Ranveer who claims that he is not very competitive and likes to focus on himself shows his true feelings when he loses the best kisser title to Ranbir.

And yes, the mood for the show is set in the very beginning when Ranbir says, “We are NOT best friends, we are on the show because you called us. But I love his work, I love him as a person.” And even though Ranveer defends and insists that he is not competing with the Kapoor lad, there are ample of moments on the show where you see them taking sly digs at each other. Commenting on each others personal “affairs” and making statements that one only hears on Karan’s Koffee couch. There’s never a dull moment between the two young stars. And while their jokes may be scripted, their responses seem more natural and if it’s not then they prove that they are immensely talented actors.

There are a few moments that shine like for example when Ranveer imitates Sonam Kapoor and demands for the best actress award for Neerja. He also mimics Farhan Akhtar. You cannot miss how Ranbir Kapoor keeps a close tab on all of Salman Khan’s moves, like literally. While Ranveer struggled to get the Dabangg‘s dance steps, Ranbir knew it all.

#What’s not: We’ve had enough jokes on Karan Johar and his preferences. When Ranbir keeps repeating the hand gesture it almost becomes offensive and unfunny after a point. Also Karan Johar treads carefully and is not going all out this time around. If you’ve watched Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone on the Koffee couch you’d agree that it was fiery, unapologetic and one of the most explosive interviews ever. Also the two ladies looked more at ease with each other, while Ranveer and Ranbir look cautious and play it a little safe while doling out good content for the show. You might question this interview especially on seeing how Karan smoothly shifts the topic from his shorts to Ranveer’s much talked about crotch and questions the Befikre actor about Shah Rukh Khan’s remark. That portion kind of makes you wonder if things were planned in advance.
#What to do: Do NOT miss this episode! It might not be as sensational as Sonam-Deepika’s outing, but it definitely beats all the previous ones this season. Also the rapid fire and the kiss and answer bits were super fun. So while filmmakers might take a while to bring together Ranveer and Ranbir on screen, Karan has proved that he was the first to manage a casting coup. And in case the two actors give a nod we might see a two-hero project and KJo version of Sangam with Singh, Kapoor and Deepika in lead roles.

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