Check out this fresh ink! Kendall Jenner proved she’s a total bada** by getting a tattoo on the inside of her lip, and she proudly showed it off on Instagram Sept. 30. But is her new art totally awesome…or kinda gross?
Kendall Jenner, 20, has noticeably been missing from Paris Fashion Week, but she’s having a pretty good time off the runway! The supermodel has been spending time in New York City, and took some time out to get a brand new tattoo this week — and it might be her most daring one yet.

Tattoo artist Jon Boy debuted Kendall’s new ink on his Instagram Sept. 30 — it’s the word ‘Meow’ written in black ink on the inside of her lip! In the pic, the reality star is seductively pulling her lip down to flaunt the artwork, and we have to admit, it’s pretty darn bada**. In the pic, she’s wearing an off-the-shoulder black top with matching gloves and a choker, and still looks stunning with barely a drop of makeup.

“When she (Kendall) first got it done, it only lasted three days because the area is overexposed to moisture,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY. “The skin texture is different. She actually got it done a few months ago and in three days it faded. She came in to get a touch-up. It’s permanent, but it fades. Kendall said it didn’t hurt. She said it was fine. She’s awesome and really nice.”

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