Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 7June, 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Tanuja confesses her love for Rishi and begs him to stop the engagement. Rishi is still unable to believe her due to misunderstandings.
Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki begins with Tanuja(Kratika Sengar) being shocked over not seeing Rishi’s(Sharad Malhotra) things in her room. She goes down and see Naitra and Divya standing there. She says where is Rishi and Divya says that he is away from her. Naitra says that she will not let her manipulate Rishi. She says that she will not be able to marry Rishi as they both love each other. She says he has done thos before. He left Malaika before in the mandap as well. Naitra argues with her but she says that Rishi loves her and nobody can come in between their love. Rano comes there and stands in support of Naitra and Tanuja says at times she is jealous of her because of how much Rano loves her. If she had loved her even one fourth of it, the whole story would have been different today.

Naitra goes to Rishi crying and asks him if he will do to her what he did to Malaika and leave her in the mandap, Rishi says no. Naitra says that she is not doubting him but Tanuja said it. She says Tanuja told her not to marry him and he asks why did she say so and in what context. She says she feels that he only loves her and nobody else. She says that is the reason that she gave her a challenge that he will never marry her. She confesses her love for him. Manpreet comes there and asks what is he doing, why is he getting engaged. He says he is confused as well considering what is happening. But he needs to think of something soon.

Tanuja is looking for Rishi and asks Biji about it. Biji sees Naitra and goes to her under the pretext of selecting jewellery. She asks her about Rishi and she says that he is in guest room. She goes back to Tanuja and tell her that. Tanuja goes near the guest bedroom but sees Divya and Rano there and hides.

Rishi thinks if Tanuja did not want to marry him, she should have said so, he would have let her go a long ago. Tanuja enters through window shocking Rishi. She sees him dressed up and panics. She throws gifts from the bed and table. Rishi stops her and says that people are right, you should marry who loves you not the one who you love. I loved you so much, roamed around you but you did not care, she says that I love you as well Rishi. I love you so much.anuja says now she is telling him, she had no fear of losing him before. Rishi says this is to win the challenge with Naitra. Tanuja says her love isn’t that way. Rishi asks what her love is, he says he has been crazy behind her for years but she doesn’t understand his love. For her, this is only a business contract and only plays with his love. She holds him as a toy to play until she gets bored. He would no longer make her play with his feelings. Tanuja gets to his feet and requests him not to leave her. Rishi asks if he shouldn’t go, give her one single reason. Tanuja says he is the reason she came into the world, he is her life. Rishi smiles, he wipes her tears and says she told this to him on the roof as well. The next moment she challenged him for taking the project. She changes every moment. Tanuja says it’s not the love of a few days, it’s of years. Rishi says he wish to believe she loves him, she has to prove her love now. Tanuja was ready to do what he asks her for. Rishi brings property papers and asks her to sign these papers, he would throw these papers over his family and tell them Tanuja only loves him. He says he wants to trust her love, its not a game but about their lives. He joins his hands and says if she signs them he would boast to everyone that Tanuja loves him. Tanuja goes to the table and holds a pen. She then wonders if this is Divia’s plan, if she made Rano plan this. Malaika must have asked Divia to break her through Naitra and Rishi’s wedding. Today, its not about her love but her family as well. Rishi asks Tanuja why she didn’t sign. Tanuja says she can’t sign these papers. Rishi says he knew about it. Rano calls him from outside, Tanuja cries and requests him not to go. Rishi was furious, he says he loved her but Tanuja doesn’t love her. Tanuja insists he still loves her, Rishi holds her face and says the truth is that Tanuja never wanted to marry him. He leaves.

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