In an interview with, Karan Johar has revealed that Anurag had discussed Bombay Velvet with him, seeking feedback from a fellow filmmaker. He confesses that her was blown away by the concept of the movie since the ’60s was his favourite era but what he didn’t know was that Anurag wanted him to play the part of Kaizad Khambatta. Although skeptical, Karan agreed to do the part because even the worst possibility wasn’t the worst. He went with his gut and tried to learn as much as possible on an Anurag Kashyap set. Upon being asked about his character, he explained that all the respective alter egos are Khambatta. He added that there’s a second part of our personality that wants to manipulate; wanting to be evil and scheming. We get these dark, deep thoughts all the time. He further reasoned that it is the coating of humanity on all of us actually makes us not act on that part. Karan Johar has mentored 13 directors in Bollywood and described that a certain amount of manipulation always happens in the profession since most of it involves handling people and their sensitivities, egos and insecurities. He continues by saying that half lies are what most of us say. Or rather half-truths is what we live on!

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