Does JWoww give Ronnie Ortiz-Magro any relationship pointers? ‘Hell no!’ The ‘Jersey Shore’ star told HL EXCLUSIVELY why she doesn’t say ‘anything’ to Ronnie about Jen Harley!

When it comes to the ongoing saga of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley‘s roller coaster relationship, JWoww is keeping her opinions to herself. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with us, the Jersey Shorestar gave us a clear-cut answer as to whether she gives Ronnie advice anymore. “Hell no!” she responded. “Last time I gave advice he was with Sam and I’m pretty sure I got punched in the face for it. So, I don’t say anything! I always say to Ronnie, ‘If you’re happy, I’m happy.’ Unless he wants it. I’m very cut throat. I don’t sugar-coat it. So if you want advice from me, you better be prepared for the brutal truth.”

JWoww and her daughter Meilani stick their tongues out in Spain. (Courtesy Photo)

JWoww and Meilani, 8, cuddle up in Spain. (Courtesy Photo)

JWoww also talked with us about her at-home sunblock she created for her kids, Naturally Woww, which has all natural, pure ingredients. It all started when Meilani was having flare-ups with her skin. “She was one,” JWoww told us. “I started realizing that Melani was getting these flareups — She has the most beautiful skin in the world and it would be frustrating to her and myself so I started doing at home eczema treatments with all natural essential oils.”

JWoww and husband Roger Mathews (Courtesy of Instagram)

JWoww (Courtesy of Instagram)

And in terms of Ronnie and Jen, the two of them seemed to be the perfect couple while at The Situation’s wedding. “You would never have known that Ronnie and Jen were having blowout fights weeks before The Situation’s wedding as they couldn’t have acted more in love at The Situation’s wedding,” a source close to the couple told us. “Jen was great to be around, finally. It may have been because she had her daughter with her, but she and Ronnie acted very in love the entire time, constantly smiling and holding hands and acting like a family unit! It was adorable to see.”

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