Justin Bieber stepped out in style to go to the gym on Feb. 13 when he wore a pair of Kanye West’s very expensive ‘Red October’ Nike sneakers. Check them out here!

Justin Bieber, 23, showed his support for Kanye West, 40, when he arrived to the gym in a pair of Nike’s Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” sneakers from 2014. The singer was driving his electric blue Lamborghini Aventador when he pulled up to the Hollywood workout spot to get sweaty and we have to admit, he looked pretty good rockin’ the stylish kicks! The design was the last one Kanye released before leaving Nike to work with Adidas and according to Daily Mail, the rare sneakers are worth a whopping $5000. Upon our own research, they’re also being sold on auction websites for even more at a price between $6K to $10K so Justin’s definitely livin’ it up in the brightly colored shoes.

The “Red October” name has certainly been on Kanye’s mind. The rapper’s trying to trademark the term for a clothing line and footwear line with Adidas so we very well may see new styles of the name all over stores in the future. Since Justin’s obviously a fan of Yeezy and his style, we wouldn’t be surprised if we continue to see him in other products from the various collections. Perhaps they’ll even team up for a collection together? Hey, stranger things have happened!

When Justin’s not stepping out in sneakers that cost more than most folks can afford, he’s been spending time with his lady love Selena Gomez, 25. The sweet couple just returned from a romantic getaway to Laguna Beach and their relationship has seemed to be going very strong since their reconciliation last year.

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