Did Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have an awkward run-in when they attended the same church service April 11? Their outing came just hours after he spent the day with his new fling, Baskin Champion!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez aren’t letting their breakup hinder them from hitting up their favorite church service in Los Angeles! The exes were both photographed arriving at the Hillsong Church in Beverly Hills on April 11. The pair did show up separately — she was reportedly with her grandfather for the outing — and there’s no information regarding whether or not they interacted once inside (the photos of Selena outside the church are not available to us). Of course, this possible reunion comes more than a month after the two ended their relationship once again, this time after five months of dating.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, Justin’s current fling, Baskin Champion, was spotted arriving at his house. The two were seen together on various occasions last month, although they have not been photographed with one another since mid-March. As we previously reported, Baskin is Abby Champion’s sister, and Abby is in a relationship with Justin’s friend, Patrick Schwarzenegger. Could the Biebs be turning his fun with Baskin into something more?! After all, when he first split with Selena, all reports claimed the two were simply taking a break and spending some time apart, but that was more than a month ago. Is Jelena really over again!?

Since their split, Justin and Selena have both been spending time in Los Angeles, but as far as we’ve seen, they haven’t crossed paths (until, maybe, last night). Sel has been logging a lot of girl time with her pals, while Justin has been playing sports and keeping things casual all over the city. These two have broken up and gotten back together countless times, though, so don’t be surprised if their status is turned to “on again” sometime soon!
Whatever’s going on in his personal life, Justin definitely seemed happy and carefree at church on Wednesday. He had a huge smile on his face as photographers snapped away outside! Meanwhile, Selena hid her face from the camera and was only quickly photographed from behind.

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