Yikes! Melissa Meeks found out about Chloe Green’s pregnancy in the WORST way possible! Read her shocking reveal here!
After dating for a little under a year, hot felon Jeremy Meeks and his Topshop heiress girlfriend Chloe Green are expecting a baby! And while the news came as quite the shock to many, no one took it as hard as Jeremy’s ex-wife Melissa. While playing basketball with her and Jeremy’s eight-year-old-son Jeremy Jr., Melissa explained during an interview with the Daily Mail that this is when the unexpected news came out. “He said it so nonchalantly,” Melissa recalls. “We were messing around with a basketball when he stuck it under his shirt and said: ‘Look, I’m pregnant,” Melissa continued.

A very confused Melissa then proceeded to ask Jeremy Jr., “Why would you do that? Do you know somebody who’s pregnant? He said: ‘Yes, Chloe,’” Melissa said referring to Jeremy’s girlfriend. What an awkward way to find out! And as we can imagine, the news made Melissa extremely emotional. After all, she’s still recovering from their abrupt split. As many of you may know, Jeremy left Melissa after eight years of marriage. So, Chloe’s pregnancy was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“It was as if my heart stopped for a little bit. I was in shock, but at the same time I knew it was coming. To me, starting a family with a billionaire’s daughter is the golden ticket, right?” she continued. Ouch! Although Chloe and Jeremy have yet to confirm the pregnancy, they seem to be getting pretty serious. In fact, Jeremy recently introduced his new love to his grandmother. “Nothing like spending time with the whole family. From the Grandparents to the Great Grandchildren,” Jeremy captioned a pic of Chloe with his family. Nevertheless, we do wish Melissa the best during this difficult time.

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