On the new poster, we see Katrina and Ranbir riding a raft inside a dingy and dark cave

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif will be next seen together in Anurag Basu’s adventure comedy, Jagga Jasoos. The latest poster of the film has been released and it reminds us majorly of Indiana Jones’ films.

On the new poster, we see Katrina and Ranbir riding a raft inside a dingy and dark cave. However, what’s scary is that some creature, with tentacles, is seen emerging out of the water and as we all know tentacles mean bad news! Is Jagga Jasoos also going to deal with monsters? Now, that will be interesting. However, that’s not the end of their troubles. In the poster, we can also see that Ranbir and Katrina are being chased by a missile…whoa! That is not good news either. It is clear that the adventures of Ranbir and Katrina in Jagga Jasoos are going to be larger-than-life. We have to say that the latest poster has all the elements of a perfect Disney summer movie. Kids are definitely going to be drawn to the theaters on July 14, when the movie releases. Yep, the poster confirms the release date of the film as well.

Well not just kids, Disney movie caters to adults too. The production house is sure getting a grasp on the Indian audience too by tapping into what they like. Success of ABCD 2 and the mega-success of Dangal speaks for the nation.

If nothing else, there is the jodi of Ranbir and Katrina that we have come to love. Additionally, this is the first movie of theirs, that will see the light of the day, since their break up in real life.

Jagga Jasoos tells the story of a amateur detective, Jagga, played by Ranbir, who hunting down his father’s killer. Accompanying him across Kolkata and Morocco on this adventure is Katrina, as she loves Jagga.

Jagga Jasoos has been in the making since quite some time now. Extensive re-shooting of the movie took place after filmmaker Anurag was not satisfied with the initial product.

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