She’s now a multimillionaire mogul with lifestyle brand Skinnygirl.
But Bethenny Frankel was once a struggling actress making B movies in the 1990s.
And now one of her first forays into acting has resurfaced and a raunchy sex scene from 1994’s Hollywood Hills, 90028 has resurfaced.
The movie, which is a ripoff of Beverly Hills, 90210, sees Frankel, now 45, play Laura Drake a transfer student to a Hollywood high school.
Laura soon develops a fondness for a wimpy but handsome kid named Mike (David K Brown).
But anyone who Laura perceives to have wronged her wimpy boyfriend she kills. Laura also has a violent psychopathic history as she arranged for the deaths of her own mother and father.
However, the scene that has the internet howling is a raunchy escapade on a water bed and a topless Frankel.
One IMDB user commented on the film page: ‘The sex scene on the water bed [made] me sea sick just watching it, I thought the guy was going to either puke or at least suffocate!’
While Page Six talked to Bethenny’s ex Jason Hoppy, who she divorced earlier this year and shares six year old daughter Bryn with.

Hoppy said: ‘I didn’t know anything about this until after we were married.
‘Saw it and turned 10 shades of Skinnygirl red.’
Bethenny, of course, has now gone on to become a successful reality star and TV personality.
A rep for Bethenny Frankel has been contacted for comment.

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