The actress has managed to hide her pregnancy and look radiant as always! All the pregnant ladies can probably take some cues from her style!

Kareena Kapoor Khan doesn’t need an occasion to look and dress hot, right? Whatever she wears, she always looks radiant and glowing. In fact, when we first reported news of her pregnancy, we checked out pictures from her London trip and recent outings. While we couldn’t really tell if there was any sort of bump or confirmed scenes initially, the fact that she was wearing clothes in a certain way did give us an idea. There was a lot of layering she was donning and even when sjw wore tees and denims, it was concealed so well!

The actress, who is in her second trimester now, announced her pregnancy on Saturday. Her statement said, “My wife and I would like to announce that we are expecting our first child in December. We would like to thank our well wishers for their blessings and support and also the press for their discretion and patience.” Since she so cleverly managed to hide her bump so far and of course wore some phenomenal outfits in her recent past, we just had to compile a list out of it. Well, of course this list doesn’t really point out how hot she looked and all but helps as a cue for the preggers out there. You could take some style tips from Bebo’s styling as they are totally wow..




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