Actress turned author and interior designer, Twinkle Khanna was lately found sharing some personal health tips on Tuesday, 27 September, 2016, while promoting the launch of “Healthy Alternatives” collection by Godrej Nature Basket products.
According to an Hindustan Times report, the multi-talented woman said that multiple roles require good health. “I think when you wear so many hats, be it of a mom or a working woman, you need to feel good and look good as well. Being healthy is the most important thing. My son is a little crazy about healthy food. He is at an age where he wants to eat healthy. I love to eat makhanas and I always keep a packet in my car.”

Twinkle revealed her guilty pleasures too by saying: “Sometimes it is okay to have some chocolates and ice-creams. We all have those days sitting in front of the TV and have those. But you have to have the balance.”
Twinkle shared her love for meditation and yoga and said that she is not gymming and opts for walking more instead.
“I am not a gym person, so I do walk a lot. I find gym is incredibly boring. Other thing I do is to devour books because I feel we need to feed our minds as well. In addition, my mother always tells me, treat your burden lightly, that it is pretty much healthier to learn to let go,” she stated.
She also highlighted the fact that sleeping early and waking up before sunrise benefits our health and betters our lifestyle. She said that her health-conscious husband, Akshay Kumar is an early riser. “Our old scriptures say to wake up early before sun rises up. We should follow nature’s rhythm. However, we don’t follow that right now due to our lifestyle. But it definitely helps to sleep early and wake up early,” she said.

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