Bernice Burgos is getting her summer body ready! The model is taking no days off from the gym and she even stepped on the scale for the world to see! We’ve got her fitness photos and her intense workouts, right here!

T.I.’s new chick, Bernice Burgos, is officially bikini ready! The model and entrepreneur took to Instagram on May 24, where she filled us in on her intense leg, booty, arm and ab workouts! You have to see the impressive photos in our above gallery!

First up, the legs — Bernice posted multiple photos, where she used a leg press machine as part of her workout. And, now we know how she’s so toned! The model did three sets of eight single leg presses [on each leg, of course]. Then, she did double leg presses with the same reps. Bernice failed to include just how much weight she pressed, but after we took a look at the weights in the photos, we’re guessing that she puts up a lot.

Next, the arms and abs — Bernice showed off her curvaceously toned booty while doing pull-ups on an arm machine. She used a machine that targets both abs and arms for an intense upper-mid body workout. Damn, girl!

But, she wasn’t done with her arm and ab combo, there. Bernice documented her dead-weight crunches. She held on to two above-the-head bars while she lifted her legs to her chest for the ultimate ab workout. Now, that has got to be the key to her toned tummy.

Last, but not least, the booty — Bernice showed off a lunge workout that included dumbbells in each hand. And, our personal favorite, her squats! She did deep squats while she held a bar and weights to her chest. We were tired just looking at the pics!

Bernice has been putting in major work at the gym, and she hasn’t been afraid to document her results. She’s been posting sultry bikini snaps on Instagram, and we’re not mad at about it! While she’s obviously proud of her hard work in the gym, we can’t help but think that her sexy snaps may be for the eyes of her man, T.I, 36.

She and the rapper’s romance has been heating up lately, despite his tumultuous relationship with his ex, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 41. T.I. and Bernice have been getting so serious that his friends are even encouraging him to settle down with the model. Since he finally accepted Tiny’s divorce papers at the end of April 2017, he may finally be able to take that next step with Bernice.

As for Tiny’s take on all of this? — She’s not happy about Tip’s latest actions, but she’s trying her hardest to take the high road. And, things just got a lot easier, since she’s been leaning on her rumored flame, Floyd Mayweather, 40.

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