Is The Weeknd Jealous After Selena Gomez Is Spotted Making Out With Hunky Co-Star In NYC?
Selena Gomez got to spend a day making out with a hunky co-star on the set of the Woody Allen film. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on if her boyfriend The Weeknd is freaking out with jealousy.

After nine months of dating, Selena Gomez, 25, and The Weeknd, 27, only have eyes for each other. But she got the once in a lifetime opportunity to star in 81-year-old directing icon Woody Allen‘s new movie, and it includes plenty of make out sessions with her super hot co-star Timothee Chalamet, 21. So what does her singer boyfriend think out her smooching another guy? “Selena and Abel seriously have an unbreakable trust. They are all about each other and neither one would ever betray the other. They have both been through relationships in the past where trust was an issue but they learned from those moments. Selena is an actress and this is part of the job.

“I mean of course it can be a little awkward, but Abel isn’t sweating it at all. He knows this is an absolutely amazing opportunity for Selena to work in a Woody Allen film so he’s just really proud and happy for her,” our insider adds. The actress was photographed doing take after take with handsome Timothee on Sept. 11 on set of the untitled movie, as the pair sat in a BMW convertible passionately kissing. She held his face passionately with her hands, closed her eyes and looked so into it! But that’s what good acting is, making us believe something that isn’t actually real!

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