SAAHO – Actor Prabhas comes back after the success of “Bahubali 1 & 2”, as “SAAHO” in and as the prodigal son returns…for his empire, and thrown. A very outdated theme that has been updated in a modern futuristic city that is imaginary. A fairy-tale like city called “WAAJI”, which is a place outside, or near India, near the coastal city of “Mumbai, India, I think.    It is a place where gangsters and the underbelly of the underworld exists as its own government, and as its own industry. The “Roy Group of industries runned by “Saaho’s” father, played by Jackie Shroff in a cameo, has been murdered by his jealous younger brother, played by Chunkey Pandey, as Devraj. A menacing guy who would even kill his father and children, just to be the head honcho of this billion-dollar empire.    Prabhas sleepwalks throughout the film as a special undercover police agent that is on a mission to catch all the baddies that run the “ROY GROUP” organization and kill them all. This is with the help of his lady love co-agent played by Shraddha Kapoor, as “Amritha Ji:, who he calls her lovingly. Only later does she find out that she was played like a violin, because in reality, he is the bad boy that is there to take revenge after 25 years, and take what is rightfully his, which is this empire that belongs to his father.    The film is stale and pathetic, also very long. The only good things are the visuals, the music by Shankar-Ehsan-Loy, and Chunkey Pandey as the lead villain to some extent.    One more thing I would like to say is that I was born in America, and my Hindi diction is better than actor Prabhas. I had to learn it as I grew up. Your Hindi needs major work pal. You killed the film sorry. The film gets only 1 star for the grueling 3 hours and the overpriced tickets that were a rip-off. 
(Courtesy BEING FILMY).
By Arun Sajnani

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