Are you an animal lover? If yes, you’d definitely want to steal Priyanka Chopra’s birdie jacket! The diva has finally kickstarted Baywatch promotions in India and her first place of promotion was the Facebook office. For her visit, the actress chose a very minimal look, in terms of clothes as well as make-up. Basically, it is a lazy girl’s fix to looking prim and proper. The diva opted for a simple straight black birdie jacket, a black camisole and denims to match. Priyanka tied her hair in a messy bun and while it looked really good on her, we wonder if it fit the look right. Perhaps she tried to match two looks – formals and casuals. That didn’t work well with us. But individually, both the hair and ensemble are spot on. Doesn’t she look pretty?

Now let’s talk about the birdie jacket. How many of you like it? Because we certainly do. It has cute sparrows patched across the blazer. Somehow, it gives a very ‘cute’ feel when you see it. That’s the first thing that crossed our minds. The best part is, this blazer can be teamed with any ensemble and it’ll still look good. Plus, another good thing about this jacket is that it has birds on it. Don’t know about ornithophobics but others would definitely want one of these jackets in their wardrobe! Check out all the pics from the event.





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