Deepika Padukone is perhaps the first actress in the history of Bollywood who opened up about being depressed. At a time, when her career was peaking, she found everything around her to be meaningless. We know many would think as to there’s no reason for Deepika to be depressed but it has happened to the best of us and at times it strikes you when you are least expecting it. The actress’ confession made us really proud of her because as they say, accepting you have an issue is the first step towards healing. Last night, at TIME 100 gala, Deepika recalled the time when she was diagnosed with Clinical Depression. She wanted to give up everything!
Deepika said, “February 15th, 2014, I remember waking up that morning with a strange pittish feeling in my stomach. I had no idea what I was feeling. Life, all of a sudden, just felt meaningless and there were days when I just wanted to give up. And couple of weeks later I was diagnosed with clinical depression. Four years on, I stand here in front of all of you with a slightly better understanding, I think, of life and my feelings and the person that I am, but I feel like more importantly, I think all of you will agree with me when I say that we’re going through some pretty challenging times all around the world. And so I want to raise a toast to every man and every woman and every child around the world that is faced with some sort of challenge every single day, but you do it with a smile, and I want to say that your power and your strength and your courage encourages me to go on every single day.”

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