t isn’t easy being a follow up to a success story. Especially when the story in question is one of India’s most popular actor. Ishaan Khatter‘s debut in Majid Majidi’s Beyond the Clouds is a classic case of a star sibling being launched in an industry that is quick to compare and draw parallels. The beauty of Ishaan’s debut lies in the fact that he chose to be part of a vision than a star launch, work with a director who tells stories than one who launches publicity campaigns. Having watched Beyond the Clouds, there is no doubt in my mind that Ishaan is a star in the making. This is an often used phrase – ‘star in the making,’ however, in Ishaan’s case, he’s already part of the star system thanks to his immensely successful elder brother, Shahid Kapoor.

Today, April 20, 2018, Ishaan will make his debut in a film theatre and begin his journey as an actor. I hope that Beyond The Clouds serves as a constant reminder to him in the future, of being a risk taker early on and letting a visionary mentor him. Whatever the box office outcome of the film might be, there will be takers for Ishaan because he has a certain raw appeal that’s missing in the current lot. The current lot of youngsters have started looking over-produced and under-nurtured; Ishaan might be an exception to this story. He has a lot to learn and vast ground to cover – his body language, diction, dialogue delivery all needs immense help from experts in those departments. But his passion for his craft and the lightness in his footwork during the dance scenes promise a bright future for this 22-year old. (Also read: Beyond The Clouds movie review: Ishaan Khatter’s debut act and Majid Majidi’s unique take on human spirit make it a must watch!)

After Beyond the Clouds, Ishaan’s next is an all out commercial enterprise – the remake of the blockbuster Marathi film, Sairaat, titled Dhadak. Joining him in the film, will be another debutant – Janhvi Kapoor. Dhadak has all the signs of being a bonafide blockbuster, but Ishaan’s act in Beyond The Clouds needs a space of its own. The choices he makes post Dhadak will define his journey in Bollywood. The comparisons to Shahid might end at the dancing and they should because from whatever little footwork I have seen of Ishaan, he seems to soar and fly in those moments when his feet are jamming to those beats.

In an industry dominated by cynicism and jealousy, may Ishaan get the right guidance and find the correct mentor to carve his own journey. There will be stumbling blocks galore, but every time he hits one, Ishaan should watch Beyond the Clouds and remind himself why he decided to become an actor.

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