Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris has been in the headlines for their after break-up feud. It looks like the ‘Style’ singer is already over Calvin as she was spotted with Tom Hiddleston. And as the news was everyone, it actually did upset the DJ. Calvin and Taylor deleted all the pictures of them from their Instagram handle as well. Calvin took the feud to another level by un-following the ‘Out of the woods’ singer Instagram. But again, he re-followed her again.

But it seems like the DJ is done with the drama and wants to be in good terms with Taylor. According to the resources, Calvin has been in contact with his ex-girlfriend. He also wants to forget everything that happened. After all the mess created over the song he released, he wants to move on but on one condition. He will be in good terms with Taylor unless and until she shades him or creates any drama!

The Scottish DJ was spotted partying with Kim Kardashian at Jennifer Lopez’s 47th birthday bash. We are not sure if TayTay will like to see her Ex hanging out with her ‘Ultimate’ enemy!

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