Veere Di Wedding‘s trailer was all about fun, frolic and friends. At least that’s what we felt after watching it. But the debates and discussions that brewed post it hitting the internet were about which woman talks the way the female leads in the film does. A country like India who has different set of behavioural rules for men and women, VDW’s trailer did make them a bit uncomfortable. For one, it has the women abusing without flinching, living life like a stud (if that’s even a worthy benchmark), having alcohol without limits, not caring a damn about people’s perception about them… basically living their life on their own terms. It’s not surprising that the trailer has evoked responses where people are finding it pretentious and forced. Well, news flash… it’s not! That’s exactly how women behave in cities like Mumbai and you shouldn’t take offence to it, because well, you loved the Pyaar Ka Punchnama series.

Why we are comparing it with PKP? That’s simple. The franchise was the coming together of men for one common goal – bash women. VKW is of course more than that but men can’t be the centre of a story which has women in the lead. But yes, the girls are seen slamming men and what they do. So you have Sonam yelling ‘You bloody Mother lover’ or the time Swara Bhaskar tells her husband if she gets a job, who will cook for him! But the biggest beef people have with this film is the liberal use of abuses by the women.
Well, we would like to clarify here women do talk like that and there is nothing to get all riled up about it. We are pretty sure every men have wondered what to ‘Girls talk’ entail. Most of the time their lack of knowledge made them believe it was about periods or sex. Yes, some one women do talk about sex in whispers and call it ‘Girls talk’ but most of us just sit together and talk about the regular s**t that’s happening in our lives, which are sometime peppered by abuses. If society doesn’t get corrupted when men use them in their regular vocabulary, it shouldn’t bother you when women do the same. I have personally been part of girl gangs where they use more profanities in their conversation than regular sentences. So stop getting your morals worked up at all the wrong places.

Go ahead… blame us for being feminists. If you laughed at the stupid one-sided jokes in PKP films, VDW should never bother you.

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