The Bigg Boss 11 house is a truly masaledaar one. While we see different personalities every season, this year we have a lot of samples. From the fiery Arshi Khan to the rather intense Hina Khan, people are quite strong inside the house. We have seen tempers flaying at the drop of a button unlike previous seasons. Bigg Boss 11 has been nasty from the word go. Even those who came in as rather dignified have been showing the worse side of their personality. We decided to draw an analogy between the Bigg Boss 11 contestants and kitchen spices. Here is a lowdown…

Akash Dadlani – methi/Fenugreek seeds
All of us know that methi seeds are used to give tadka in many recipes but they are used very sparingly. If it is little bit more, the dish gets bitter. Likewise, Akash has been entertaining in small bits but too much of him is kinda toxic.
Arshi Khan – Red chilly (we are talking about the famed one from Nagaland, mostly!)
Do not mistake her for Kashmiri mirch that only adds colour, we have reserved it for someone else! Arshi Khan’s verbal darts have fired up proceedings inside the house like none other. Bhut Jolokia, Manthaniya and Guntur chillies describe her the best.
Benafsha Soonawalla – Tej patta (Bay leaf)
We add two bay leaves in all our curries but they do not significantly contribute to the taste in a quickly made curry. But boil bay leaves with chicken/veggies in a soup stock and you will get the taste. A late bloomer, she is slowly making her presence felt.
Hina Khan – badi elaichi/black cardamom
The badi elaichi or black cardamom is called the Queen of Spices for nothing. It is priced exorbitantly and known for its intensity. In the kitchen, it needs strong spices to match upto it, much like Hina inside the house. The lady has intensified matters in Bigg Boss 11 but not done anything totally unappetising.hina-2

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