Bigg Boss 10: Karan Mehra’s wife Nisha opened upto Bollywood Life on what prompted the rather shy Karan to take up a challenging show like Bigg Boss
They are one of the most inseparable couples of TV town. However, Karan Mehra will be away for some time from his wife, Nisha Rawal courtesy his stint on Bigg Boss 10. At the premiere, the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor stated that Nisha was the driving force in his life. Bollywood Life caught up with the singer to EXCLUSIVELY know how she motivated her hubby’s decision to do Salman Khan’s show….

Karan said you were the driving force behind his decision to do Bigg Boss 10. Comment…
Well, couples are the driving force in each other’s lives, aren’t they? This is what a true partnership is like, the pursuit of each other’s happiness. I am very proud of him. His acknowledgment that I was the driving force made me feel great.

What motivated the decision to do Bigg Boss?
He wanted to tap on something different, especially the reality show space. I am proud he took on something as challenging as Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss is like a double-edged sword. You can come out as a hero or as a psycho. Did you weigh in the pros and cons?
Absolutely…we weigh in everything before taking a decision. I believe a hero is one who win people’s hearts. Since past few seasons we have seen contestants who have not taken the trophy but are remembered more than the actual winners. For example, RJ Pritam. Karan will be himself on the show. Moreover, when someone utters the word, game, it has a bad connotation. In Bigg Boss, people tend to equate it with politics or spreading dirt. It can also be doing the tasks well, in a competitive manner without pulling other’s down. Karan is very composed, simple and patient. It is not easy to live under 24 cameras, 24×7. I am sure he will come out with a good impression. He is already a winner in my eyes.

How did you react when the Bigg Boss makers approached you?
There are rumours that he quit Yeh Rishta for Bigg Boss and that he was already in talks with the makers since January. If I am not mistaken then the ninth season of Bigg Boss was going on in February. He signed the contract only 20 days back. We did feel that Karan would be approached for the show. He had quit his show recently and not done any reality show except Nach Baliye. This is a new platform for him. An actor craves for novelty. Karan got immense love as Naitik but I’m sure the character was getting monotonous for him. But then, actors tire out of characters and not the love of fans. This is something new for all of Karan’s fans!

There were talks of how his health was badly affected due to non-stop work. Bigg Boss is no cakewalk physically. Weren’t you worried?
Yes, I was. I cannot divulge the exact details due to the confidentiality clause but he is carrying his medicines. There is a medical team in case of an emergency. Moreover, the team is really good. There are regular health check ups of the contestants. Moreover, he has had a break, which has improved his health. Unlike me who can delegate work, Karan likes to do things by himself. And even at the height of his popularity, he never compromised, which can be stressful. His immune system suffered and he was on immunotherapy shots. He is physically and mentally refreshed after a break and fully ready for this show.

As a wife don’t you feel insecure about leaving your husband alone in the company of some pretty women inside the house?
Never…I have never been insecure of him. I know him too well as a person. He is beyond all this. I did see a few pretty girls at the premiere but it’s too early to comment on them. More than pretty, there are interesting people. I am glad my husband has some beautiful company inside.

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