Priyanka Chopra’s return to Bollywood definitely couldn’t have got any better than this! Like, until last week we were cribbing why is she not announcing her comeback film given that the last we saw her was way back in 2016 with Jai Gangaajal. But there…she decided to make our wait totally worth it by signing Bharat with Salman Khan! I mean, not that we didn’t know about this exciting development. In fact, we were the first one to exclusively inform you about Priyanka coming on board for Bharat. But now that it’s official, our excitement has not only doubled up to see PC back in the movies but also her much awaited reunion with Salman Khan, after almost a decade.

No wonder the internet is equally going bonkers ever since the news has hit the web. Fans cant stop anticipating how beautiful Salman and Priyanka will look onscreen; especially when you recall their adorable chemistry from Mujhse Shaadi Karogi or say Salaam E Ishq.

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