It is the end of the week and we can’t wait for the new one to begin already, because, hey, unlike other weeks, this one will be full of celebrations and revelry. After all it is the Diwali week! And considering that Diwali is falling on a Wednesday, we have all the more reasons to celebrate throughout the week. But that’s for later. Let’s come to the point now. We are back with our list of the best-dressed celebs of the week and can’t wait to share it with you already.

The week that was saw some trailer launches, promotional events and a lot of festive fervour. And that meant that many celebs stepped out looking their best in choicest of finery. As we browse through pictures, we notice a trend of a lot of solid colours in sheer fabrics, some embellishments considering that the festivity is in the air and also a lot of flamboyance. So without further ado, let us tell you about all those who made it to our best-dressed list of the week…

Alia Bhatt

alia (1)

Alia has an innate fashion sense and she knows exactly what works for her and what doesn’t. Which is why we commend most of her fashion outings. Like take this sheer lacy dream that she is wearing, as example. Isn’t the dress downright magical? We like how she chose to go minimal with this outfit with only a pair of strappy sandals for company.

Nimrat Kaur


This jewel toned saree was such a vision on Nimrat! Not only did she look like a million bucks wearing it, she carried it with such aplomb that we had to stop and stare. What added to the whole look was that statement necklace. The rest of the look was completely no-nonsense, which is exactly why it works so beautifully.

Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka’s outings are a delight to us, especially because she always makes it a point to be dressed to make a statement. While she did have a few misses this week, she more than made up for it with this print-on-print separates. It shouldn’t work really what with the busy print and a splash of colours but PeeCee knows how to keep it casual with some gold functional jewellery and a mini handbag. Also, those glasses are a steal!

Malaika Arora


You may argue that Malaika is so beautiful, she will look sexy even in a sack. True that! But doesn’t hurt to have her dressed in pretty clothes, no? In fact we love it when even the most beautiful of ladies take an effort to bowl us over. Like with this pink flamboyant dress here with some sheer inlays. We love how well Malaika is rocking the attire. And those earrings are all it takes to embellish.

Chitrangada Singh


Chitrangada usually keeps it casual but when she dresses up, she goes all out. Like this time when she wore this olive green number. We like the silhouette and the way it drapes on her but what we can’t take our eyes off are her earrings. So pretty! Also the way Chitrangada is carrying the attire deserves a round of applause. We are sure we would be a mess while handling so much fabric.

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