Bella Thorne was telling the world that her heart belonged to her best friend Bella Pendergast right before her big breakup with boyfriend Gregg Sulkin. She gushed about her pal being her ‘soulmate’ and no one saw the bigger picture until the actress came out as bisexual Aug. 23. Keep reading for more of the clues Bella gave us.
When Bella Thorne, 18, came out as bisexual, it was a bit of a shock until everyone started taking a good look back at her last few weeks on social media and realized she was professing to us all along that her real sweetheart is her brother Remy’s ex-girlfriend Bella Pendergast, 20. The pair have been close friends for years, but there was something a little more going on that just being pals. The two exchanged sweet public messages of love and affection, with Bella T. going so far as to call Bella P. her “soulmate” Aug. 10, despite still being in a one-year relationship with actor Gregg Sulkin, 24.

Just five days later on Aug. 15, Bella and Gregg made their shocking announcement that they were splitting. Bella was constantly professing her love for her boyfriend on her social media, so the break up seemed like it totally came out of the blue. But from the looks of things, Bella T.’s affections had strayed from Gregg and towards her BFF. Even as she was making the sad announcement about her split with Gregg, she was posting Instagram messages of love towards Bella P.

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