Since you last saw Ashley I. and Jared, they’ve become very close friends — but that didn’t stop her from crying by minute seven of this week’s ‘Bachelor In Paradise.’ (Yes, I kept count.)

Right away, Ashley I. told Chris Harrison two important things: she and Jared had been to “second base,” and she wanted to only cry three times… total. Spoiler alert, she broke that in this episode.

She was still in love with him and really upset; apparently she had told Caila she didn’t want her to meet Jared because he’d like her — Caila had told her she wouldn’t do that to her and that she wasn’t going to Paradise. Ouch. I’m just going to say it — you can’t blame her for being really upset with Caila. She was more hurt by her for betraying her. During their awkward sit-down, every girl could feel that Caila really was sorry and that Ashley really was hurt. Whoops.

Jared did convince her to stick around, even though staying solo while he fell in love didn’t seem appealing to her. So, she was stuck with a date with Daniel. (Why not Nick?!) However, he was pretty funny! And he attempted to help her get over Jared. She actually let herself have a great time with Daniel and he was very sweet to her — who would have thought? Just kidding… he just was into her because wanted the virgin to have “canadian bacon.” Gross, bye. She was then swept away, because a virgin had to be sacrificed.

Day two was once again started with Ashley crying (by the way, she cried all her makeup off and still looked flawless). However, the day was looking up for someone — Nick Viall. He finally felt a ping of hope when Jen, from Ben’s season, arrived. Daniel offered to pay her to take him out, but ultimately she went with Nick, and they had a definite physical connection on a boat… which looked like the same boat Josh and Amanda were on. When they got to the beach, they kissed and it was romantic… but um, filled with crabs.

Oh yeah, remember all that Evan hospital drama you saw in the preview? That happened tonight, but basically it was just that his ankles were swollen. They wanted to him to go to the hospital for some reason? So he decided why not make it into a date with Carly? And well… it worked. She “re-boarded the Evan train” after reconnecting with him.

This week’s rose ceremony was guys’ choice, and led to an Ashley/Jared argument and it really just came down to her not being able to let go of him or the “glimmer” there once was. She came to paradise to get over him… which didn’t really work, and Jared was not happy. The episode ended with him saying he wanted to go home.

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