Ajay Devgn is all set for his film Shivaay‘s big clash with Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Ajay and his pretty co-star Erika Kaar spoke to BollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY and in a candid chat Devgn spoke about all controversies surrounding Shivaay. We quizzed the actor about the Kamaal R Khan’s leaked audio clipping and the clash with ADHM and Ajay was unfazed as he addressed our questions. We figured that Ajay is possibly the coolest producer-director in the industry. The Shivaay hero unlike any other star was not concerned about hi past hit track record, instead he was prepared for the acid test that will happen on Friday when the movie releases. Here are a few questions that Ajay took in the coolest manner…

#You announced Shivaay Diwali release date first, were you upset when Karan also decided to release ADHM on the same day? Did you have a chat or discussion with Karan about this?

Ajay: I didn’t bring up the topic. Though yeah you do feel another clash. I won’t even call it a clash, but yes it hurts both the films. But I do understand the problem that there are very few good weeks in a year. I didn’t take it to heart that I announced first and after that their film was announced. Fair enough, eventually you guys are the ones who will decide to watch both or watch one or which one is better. As I said it hurts both the films, but then Diwali is a good period and there’s place.

#When we quizzed the actor about his hit Diwali track record at the box office. Ajay bowled us with his honesty…

Ajay: What is working, is working till now. You don’t know what’s going to work tomorrow. So you cannot depend on track records and things like this. You have to work hard every moment and every moment is going to bring you something new. You can’t just stay back and say okay this is what is working. I really believe that in the film industry or anywhere in the world you can never predict what is going to work.

#On the KRK leaked audio tape controversy Devgn seemed pretty upset even as he answered.

Should we be discussing that. It’s something I put forth, which is not right. It concerns not anybody else bcos what that recording says is true or not, you or me we don’t know. It says exactly what you hear and what I heard and that’s what I put forth because at least one thing I do not agree with is blackmail. And that is not what I will take.

#We also asked Ajay to comment on reports suggesting that Karan Johar had delayed his biography An Unsuitable Boy to incorporate his take on the KRK controversy. And this is what we got…

I’ve been completely involved with my film and I don’t know who is doing what. I have come home today at 6 in the morning showered and come here. So I don’t know what’s happening in the world.

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