Mohenjo Daro should have been a big winner. It should have been a trendsetter. It should have been breaking records by now.

We decode what went wrong with the big budget prehistoric adventure drama in our simple way.
Mohenjo Daro should have been a big winner. It should have been a trendsetter. It should have been breaking records by now.

We had every reason to think that. For one, the film stars Hrithik Roshan one of the biggest stars in the industry, and who can even make a stupid actioner like Bang Bang work at the box office. Secondly, it was made by Ashutosh Gowariker, who brought India to the Oscars with his Lagaan and made the best film on nationalism in Swades (and later he made duds like What’s Your Raashee? and Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey). Thirdly, it was set in an era no Indian film had ever attempted before – prehistoric India – and that itself is the film’s biggest USP. All in all, it should have been exciting AF!

Instead, it will be cited as the latest example by Bollywood for damp squibs in movies. The trailers weren’t impressive, the songs were average, Hrithik Roshan actually promoted Akshay Kumar’s Rustom more than his own film, and the final film was just so disappointing. What do you expect when Rakesh Roshan nailed the crocodile attack so perfectly right in Khoon Bhari Maang during the ’80s, but his own son had to grapple with a totally fake looking reptile that won’t even scare my 2-year old niece?

So as expected, Mohenjo Daro took a huge beating at the box office, grossing just a little over Rs 30 crores at the domestic box office in three days. If it was a Bhatt film, the figure was sufficient. However, Mohenjo Daro involved huge productions costs, so that number sucked!

Here are 7 reasons why Mohenjo Daro failed to make a killing at the box office. Please note, I am not mentioning the huge production costs here, because we had seen last year what Baahubali can do!

Enough has been said about the trailers that has been one of the most trolled promos of the year. Say what you want about it, but Mohenjo Daro‘s trailer made historians and archeologists out of a common man, as everyone was in search of any historical inaccuracies in there. Ashutosh Gowariker later told that we should not judge the movie by the trailer, which makes no sense since the trailer should have the best scenes of the film. And guess what, the final movie was everything the trailer showed, and it sucked!

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