1921 made critics laugh a lot. But wait… it’s a horror film right?

Three movies released this Friday, Kaalakaandi, 1921 and Mukkabaaz. Saif Ali Khan’s return to the big screen after Chef featured him as a dopehead but Mukkabaaz is getting better reactions on Twitter. The third film at the theatre, 1921, belongs to a genre which has more probability of breaking even at the box office than the rest. But that doesn’t mean that the critics have showered it with praises. In fact, it’s just the opposite. They have found the scary bits in the film quite funny. Here are a few reviews that we have compiled for you… Honestly, there weren’t too many reviews to curate at all.

Koimoi gave it 2 stars saying, “If you plan to watch this movie keeping in mind 1920, a disclaimer for you this is nowhere near to Vikram Bhatt’s first and best film of this franchise. You are in for a roller coaster ride with this film, 1921.Where on one end you might find yourself gasping for breath on the other end you might not stop yourself from giggling at times.”

As for Times Now, the portal gave it 2 stars as well. The review reads, “To cure the ailment and solve the mystery, Rose and Ayush head out to Southampton. Here they discover the whereabouts of a dead seductress causing all the trouble. One is led to assume a Raaz-like linear plotting here, before the mystery doubles up front, back and sideways. More flashbacks and soul-swapping astral projections happen, and the whole thing gets too thick even for the characters (When Rose tries to explain the supernatural complications of the story to her best friend in the film, the lady replies, ‘Mein samajh toh rahi hoon, paar tu samjha kyun rahi hain?’ I am understanding, but why are you making me understand?). Only with such lavish infidelity to sense can one process all of 1921: the monstrous masterpiece of foggy lighting, cringy VFX and biblical references that it is.”


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