Tell us about your role in Junooniyat

Junooniyat is a love story. I play Suhani Kapoor, who is from Amritsar and from an Army background. She is full of life and the apple of her family’s eye. And she loves an Army officer Jahan (Pulkit Samrat). There is a huge conflict which brings up the choice between love and family. It’s based on a real story.

What’s your passion?

I am passionate about my family. It’s always a balance between my family and my work for me. I am extremely attached to my family. I can’t exist if my family is not with me. To leave them physically miles away and be here also takes passion. I think the industry often taken it quite lightly, but you have to be extremely passionate about the industry. If you’re not mad about your work, if you are not passionate about what you’re doing, it’s not worth it.

Could you share some special moments from the set of Junooniyat?

To do a romantic scene is the most unromantic thing to do on screen. Also, we shot in adverse weather conditions, with extremely cold situations. Our respect goes out to all those actors who shoot in difficult weather conditions, because it is not easy. But the location of the movie was very special. I had never been to Kashmir before. And we started our shooting from Kashmir – Pahalgam, Sonmarg, (which is very close to the Drass sector) and Kargil. It was a very exciting and difficult shoot. With the help of the Army, we got to shoot there. We are very thankful to them. We were shooting in Chandigarh, Amritsar, Patiala and Shimla too. The locations were very memorable. I remember my family also came over to meet us.

Are you passionate about love?

I think we all are. As Indians, we all are very passionate about love.

Are you dating anyone?

No, I am single

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