As Vicky Kaushal’s brother Sunny Kaushal makes his Bollywod debut, the Masaan acor gave him some rather strange and shocking advice…

Vicky Kaushal is one of the most talented actors from the younger lot. He has impressed us and even the audience with critically acclaimed performances in Masaan and Zubaan. He is the son of legendary action director Shyam Kaushal, however he did not use his filmi connection to get in. He traveled down the hard road, assisted a few directors and now turned to acting. And after two successful films, he has established himself. In fact, he was recently in the running for Deepika Padukone‘s Padmavati too.

Now his younger brother, Sunny Kaushal is all set to make his Bollywood debut as well! He is going to be seen in Shailendra Singh’s Sunshine Music Tours and Travels. The young actor has also assisted a few directors and after five years of auditions, he is finally making his debut. So did Vicky give his younger brother any advice? Looks like he did and that too a shocking one. He advised him not to sleep around with his actress!

We recently met with Sunny Kaushal and Shailendra Singh to interview them for the film. While chatting, I asked Sunny whether Vicky had given him any tips. He revealed, “He didn’t tell me much coz he himself thinks he is new so it would be unfair on his part to give me any tips. But he told me not to be pretentious. If this person is doing something then I should do that too. Be honest, be yourself.”

However, director Shailendra had a surprising revelation for us!. He revealed, “(Vicky told him) Not to have an affair with his actress.” To which, Sunny said, “Yeah, he said that. Don’t have an affair.”

Shailendra then went to on to reveal a few other things Vicky had told Sunny. He said”Don’t sleep around in the industry and don’t sleep around with men particularly.” Again Sunny confirmed this and aid, “Yes, he said that too. That is one important lesson that everyone needs to learn.” Strange and funny isn’t it? Obviously the two were joking and they had a laugh along with me!

However, being in a filmi family is not easy… There are going to be comparisons that will be drawn between Vicky and Sunny. So is Sunny prepared for this? The debutante replies, “Yeah, yeah I have always been (prepared for comparisons). He is just one and a half years elder than me, so that has been the case the whole life.” However, Shailendra has a different take to this comparison. As he suggested, “But in this case, he (Vicky) is Mahendra Singh Dhoni and he(Sunny) is Virat Kohli. Two different personalities, both performers.”
Check out the full conversation in our EXCLUSIVE video interview right here and tell us what you think about this shocking but hilarious episode in the comments section below!

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