Selena Gomez has been trying to avoid her mom to prevent any more friction between them while she continues to date Justin Bieber. Get the EXCLUSIVE details here!

Selena Gomez, 25, is not ready to patch things up with mom, Mandy Teefey, 41, and has been trying to avoid her while her romance with Justin Bieber, 23, continues to heat up. “Selena is avoiding her mother as her rekindled relationship with Justin intensifies,” a source close to Selena.
“As Selena and Justin continue to rebuild their relationship, they have been spending more and more time together and things are getting serious. Selena is committed to making things work with Justin this time around but it is not always easy.” It definitely hasn’t been easy, especially since Selena’s mom reportedly highly disapproves of her daughter’s relationship with the Biebs.
With Selena and Justin’s relationship happily progressing, it’s understandable that Selena would be cautious. “Relationships take work and Selena feels that her mother’s often critical words about Justin don’t help things at all,” the source continued.”Mandy’s strong opinion of her daughter’s situation only makes Selena feel guilty when she just wants to be happy. Selena is dedicated to Justin and for now it is easier for her to keep her distance from her mom who she feels is often very judgmental of her relationship. Selena has asked her mom to back off with the commentary about Justin and she is hoping that her mom can give her space to follow her heart without feeling judged.”

Selena didn’t let her mom’s opinion stop her from ringing in the new year with Justin in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where the couple romantically watched fireworks together. Although there was speculation that the duo were headed for a break after a reported argument happened upon their arrival back in L.A. on Jan. 2, they proved the naysayers wrong when they stepped out together on Jan. 3 for a pilates session. No matter what the future holds for Selena and Justin, we sure hope she can eventually find a way to work things out with her mom. After all, nothing is more important than family, right?!

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