Sanjay Kapur and Karisma Kapoor have officially been divorced but looks like Sanjay is still not over his ex-wife. Recently, the ex-couple bumped into each other at a restaurant and things went from bad to worse! According to reports, Karisma Kapoor went to a restaurant with her alleged lover Sandeep Toshniwal while Sanjay was in the same restaurant with his friends.

Seeing his ex-wife with another man, Sanjay lost his cool and created a major scene at the restaurant. He began shouting at the top of his voice while Karisma took in all the insults. Sanjay only calmed down after his friends intervened and reminded him that Karisma is not his wife anymore and that he should let it go.

We can only imagine the kind of embarrassment poor Karisma must have gone through. We hope the ex-couple sorts out their differences and be happy ex-couples who support each other like many others in B-Town.

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