Salman Khan will be next seen in the Kabir Khan directed drama, Tubelight
Salman Khan will be next seen in the Kabir Khan directed drama, Tubelight. Before the trailer of the film hits the internet, a teaser showed us that Salman will be playing a character full of childlike qualities. The teaser and the first song has actually left us impressed with the manner in which the actor has played the part with commendable innocence and cuteness. Adding on to the cuteness quotient of the film is child actor, Matin Rey Tangu. He plays Salman’s bestie in the film, though as to how their friendship develops has been left for us to find out in the film. A new still has been released by the makers, that shows us the two of them engaging in some deep conversation, as they sit on the stairs of a Shiva temple! Probably discussing the problems in their lives? Good thing that we might get a better glimpse at the camaraderie of the two characters when the full-fledged trailer releases in two days.

In a still that was shared a few weeks ago, we saw Salman and Matin hugging and bawling their hearts out. The teary image of the two shook us and we are waiting to see how the scene plays out in Tubelight.

Tubelight has been helmed by Kabir Khan, who has earlier collaborated with Salman for Bajrangi Bhaijaan. We all know that Bajrangi Bhaijaan was high on emotional quotient. One can perhaps expect the same from Tubelight. The movie is set against the backdrop of Indo-China war. Tubelight, produced by Salma Khan and Salman, also stars Sohail Khan and popular Chinese actress, Zhu Zhu, in key roles.

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