If you somehow haven’t binged ‘Famous In Love’ yet, you may not know about the epic Ryan Phillippe cameo coming up in episode nine. So, why and how did it happen? Rebecca Serle took us behind the scenes.

“That was a really really really insane night. It was fun and stressful and totally chaotic,” Rebecca Serle, the author of the Famous in Love book series and co-creator and EP on the show, told HollywoodLife.com exclusively. “We were shooting a giant red carpet scene and there were so many moving parts, but Ryan Phillippe was a giant highlight for me. One of our producing directors on the show, Roger Kumble, wrote and directed Cruel Intentions and he’s phenomenal, so we had a little mini Cruel reunion on the carpet!”

Rebecca admitted that since she was such a big fan of the 1999 movie, she was “too shy to even ask for a photo with him, which is so ridiculous.” But for the cast of the show, they barely even knew him — it was a different time then!

“Our actors are much younger and that was not their age zone,” she said. “I talk to them about even Mean Girls, and it’s vintage for them now. I kept talking about Dawson’s Creek, and they’re like, ‘What? Is that Nick at Nite?’”

While Ryan only shows up for a moment along with his Secrets and Lies co-star Dan Fogler, Bella Thorne‘s character even gets a bit starstruck. It’s not the only surprise cameo on the show either! Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell also show up on episode seven. Naturally, they also had a show on Freeform as well, Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?

“They were either shooting or their show was about to premiere at the time that they came on, and they were doing press. We thought it’d be fun a little opportunity; they’re adorable,” Rebecca told us.

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