We can tell you all that you need to know about Shah Rukh Khan’s look in his dwarf film. Read on…
Shah Rukh Khan has become pretty brave in terms of his career choices recently. Fan was an experimental film where a superstar was playing his own fan. Yes, it couldn’t make much headway at the box office but it definitely was a brave choice by him. Now he will be seen playing a dwarf. Given the fact that he is a class actor, Shah Rukh Khan will make it seem very convincing but the challenge is to reduce his height to suit the character. And that’s where his team has come up with this ingenious idea!

A source close to the production team reveals, “Wherever Shah Rukh Khan will shoot his scenes, there will be holes drilled on the platform into which the actor will get in. It is done to keep his height true to the script demand. His look will be a mix of VFX and props. It is used in the West and will now be put to use in this film as well.” All that sounds really interesting but we wonder won’t that create mobility issues. How will the actor move if he is required to do that in scenes? Guess they will surely have some option for that too.

We told you about VFX being an important part of the film due to Shah Rukh Khan’s knee issues. DNA had reported that owing to the condition of his knees, a lot of VFX will be used, since he can’t be expected to walk on his knees to look convincing as a dwarf. Quoting a source, the daily had reported, “The budget of this film is around Rs 150-160 crore. It’s also because of the heavy special effects that will be used in the film. Shah Rukh is also trying to get international special effects experts to work with his Red Chillies VFX team for the film.” Also, technicians from Hollywood have been called in to do the same. We know for a fact that they will do a great job since Ra.One had some of the best visual effects we have seen in recent times.

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