We bet you won’t feel any Monday blues after watching these intense workout videos of Malaika Arora
Is it just us or even you guys are feeling all the Monday blues? Now, that’s a effect that we all get after a great weekend, right? We hate Mondays and we are sure the feeling is mutual. There are so many memes and jokes available on a gloomy Monday and the effect it has on us, yet we fail to depict it in a better way always. If there’s anything that we want our Santa Claus to gift us this year, it would be probably to erase Monday from the week list or declare it as a holiday. We literally have to drag ourselves from Monday till Friday to prove that we exist and it can’t get worse than this. Nevertheless, we can’t really do anything about it and that’s long pending struggle but there’s a way out always. Instead of cribbing about Monday blues, let’s take an effort to make it more happening and motivational. And we know who exactly can solve this issue for us.
Bollywood’s reigning fashionista and a yummy mummy of course, Malaika Arora seriosuly needs no introduction. She’s an inspiration for so many and there’s so much to learn from her. Right from styling tips to fitness mantra, she’s a perfect idol you’re looking for. While the diva isn’t flaunting her fashion wardrobe on the red carpet, she’s busy sweating it hard in the gym, giving us a new reason to hate ourselves and adore her. Malaika is everywhere and we literally mean it. From Pilates, to cardio to yoga, she believes in keeping her body accustomed to everything. There isn’t a single form of exercise that she hasn’t tried her hands on. And what better way to motivate yourself than going through her gym videos which are so damn interesting. They are a good way to keep you occupied for an entire week and fight all those Monday and mid-week blues. Here, it’s time to start sweating. Enjoy!

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