George Clooney stopped by ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Oct. 23 to talk up his new movie starring the host’s arch-enemy Matt Damon. You’ve got to see how he crashed the program to show off the star’s new twins!

We all know that Matt Damon, 47, is public enemy number one when it comes to appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He found the greatest way ever to crash the show when his pal and Suburbicon director George Clooney, 56, stopped by the late night program on Oct. 23. The world has been waiting with bated breath for first pics of his twins with gorgeous wife Amal, 39, little Ella and Alexander, who were born in June. Jimmy nearly got the scoop of the year when the silver fox revealed that the kids were right there in his studio. “The babies are here. Would you like to see the babies?” George asked and Jimmy, 47, jumped at the chance! Unfortunately, the giant screen went up and there was Matt with a double-wide stroller and a diaper bag over his shoulder.

The audience went completely berserk, with Matt crashing the show and the possibility of being the first people to see the twins in person! “They’re cheering for the babies, not this person. Who let him in here?” Jimmy asked. “I’m his manny. A nanny whose a man” the actor responded to which brought the war of words. “You’re not a man,” the host snapped while Matt shot back, “That’s what your wife said.” HAH! He then said, “I just thought I’d bring out the twins,” as George looked on laughing at every minute of their spat. See pics of George and Amal, here.

Matt went in to pick up the babies and lifted pink and blue blankets, to which he soon threw to the ground to reveal both hands giving Jimmy the middle finger. “Here they are. This is you, and this is you,” he said flashing the middle finger salute at the host before being dragged off by security. While we all know that the war between Matt and Jimmy is completely for laughs, it’s always hilarious when the Oscar winner tries at least once a year to crash the late night program.

George did actually spill some real details about the twins, namely that he’s no longer changing their diapers because their poop has become disgusting. Before Matt’s stunt, he told Jimmy that, “I changed diapers until yesterday. I was good at it, flip ’em over I don’t care, it’s like cleaning up your dog’s poop. It’s not that big a deal. And then we introduced them to solid food on Friday. How that goes in as a carrot and how that comes out the way it comes out is shocking.” Uh-oh. Time for the nannies to step in until George can get used to their new poop changes.

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