Kevin Spacey has been popularly known to have played a wide range of roles in movies and television. From slimy senator to suspicious hood, from police negotiator to legendary crooner.Kevin yet again is going to surprise us all with his latest role in the film Nine Lives. You’ll have to watch the trailer to truly believe it!

Ace action director, Barry Sonnenfeld who has made the classic Men in Black trilogy is back this time with comic relief in Nine Lives. Starring Kevin Spacey, a multi Academy Award winner in the lead role alongside Jennifer Garner, Robbie Amell and Malina Weissman,Nine Lives is a complete family entertainer which will hit screens this August.

The story follows a ruthless business tycoon Tom Brand played by Kevin, who has for his business distanced himself from his family. In a pursuit to please his daughter, Brand plans to buy a pet cat for her and while on his way back from the pet shop, he meets with a freaky accident. Nothing changes, except the fact that Tom finds himself trapped inside the cat’s body! Now he has exactly a week to reconcile with his family or remain a cat for the rest of his life!

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