Katrina Kaif must be on cloud nine as the actress made her much awaited Instagram debut and even registered a record of 933k followers within two days. The actress who was initially a bit sceptical of making her presence felt much on social media had to finally give in to her fans’ demand and we are thankful to her. This would be a great platform

for the actress and even her fans to communicate and be an inch closer to her.

Now if you are wondering what made Kat talk about Kapoor Jr, then let us clear the air. So Katrina was asked a simple question about the celebrities she would like to follow on Instagram now that she’s a part of it. To this, she said, “I am not one of those celebs, who let me warn you about are Instagram stalkers. I call them Instagram stalkers. These people are the one who claim not to be on Instagram but they are there. They have these secret handles and are watching everything.” Did her statement ring any bells for you? Remember a few months back in a candid interview with Rajeev Masand, Ranbir was asked if he is on social media to which the actor blurted out that he is not on Facebook but on Instagram. But he is disguising to be someone else. He went on to add that his personality takes a lot after someone who is very shy and keeps to himself. Well for us, we could only recollect his name so maybe this was the diva’s way of taking a dig at him.
Going ahead and revealing whom she wants to follow on Insta, Katrina said,” I don’t really know who I want to follow and will probably realise it slowly. But I would really follow some nice travel sites, some really good fitness trainers and even travel photographers.” Will she follow any industry friends? “ Yes definitely, actors or friends whom I know in the industry. I would like to know what they are doing in their social life and such stuff.”

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