Kairvina is a twenty-one year old Alt. Rock Singer/Songwriter born and raised in India,

currently pursuing her dreams in Los Angeles.

Her passion for music started to develop at the age of 7, when she realized school was just
too plain for her ever-wandering mind. Writing songs at the back of her math final, she knew
that this is what she wanted to be; someone who isn’t afraid to express themselves, even in
the face of numerical danger. Soon she taught herself how to play the guitar and piano.

Before coming to Los Angeles, Kairvina was part of The Stop-Gaps Choral Ensemble; a
non-profit organization performing concerts to support several charities. She was also one
of the runner up’s in an online competition created by Simon Cowell called ‘The You
Generation.’ She recorded a song for a Bollywood movie called ’42 days’ and it was

screened in the Cannes Film Festival.

She graduated from Los Angeles College of Music with a degree in Vocal Performance and

studied under great musicians like Tierney Sutton, Maiya Sykes, Teresa James.

Inspired by Jeff Buckley, John Mayer, Lianne La Havas, Kairvina has her own approach to
music; Raw dreamy vocals melting into soft rock and soul. She recently released her debut
EP ‘Beautiful Blue’ with producer Andrew Murdock (Godsmack) and her amazing band
featuring, Tim Gaisser on drums, Eric Lee on bass, and Sebastian Jimenez on guitar.

You can find her playing at The Mint, Republic of Pie, Molly Malone’s, The Hobbyshop
Studios, Holy Grounds Coffee and tea, and more. She also has a monthly residency at Aro
Latin, a restaurant in South Pasadena, and the radio station KCEG streams her EP
frequently. She is going to be playing at the Jackalope Indie Artisan Fair in Pasadena this


Kairvina is currently working on a full length album with her band. She wants this album to
express an honest version of herself and her almost-humorous thoughts. Her favorite book
(Slammed) taught her to push her boundaries because that’s what they were there for. She

plans to live by those words as she continues to create.

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