Jonah Hill from the film The Wolf of Wall Street had to be hospitalized only because he snorted fake drugs which they used while filming for The Wolf Of Wall Street in the year 2013.

Jonah Hill played the role of Donnie Azoff in the film helmed by Martin Scorsese said that Jonah was in the hospital for seven months for ingesting artificial drugs.

Jonah Hill was reported saying that if a person snorted that much matter in his lungs he will get sick and he himself used to take that fake coke daily for seven months. Even after getting hospitalized for seven months the actor was reported saying that the experience he had with this cocaine was not bad. He added that he never had more vitamin D in his entire life and Jonah could have lifted a car over his head, he joked.

Jonah Hill was seen in his latest release film War Dogs and in this film too he played the role of a drug abuser. The film got mixed reviews from the critics but Jonah Hill was praised by everyone for his excellent performance.

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