Just Jeffree being Jeffree! Infamous YouTube beauty vlogger Jeffree Star sent fans into a frenzy on Sept. 5 when he tested out mascara in the most shocking and risque way possible. Your jaw will drop when you learn what he did!

Say what you will about Jeffree Star, 31, but he’s a master of quality control. The controversial beauty vlogger went to the extreme on Sept. 5 to test a new mascara, and his technique was unorthodox to say the least. So what did he do while testing Urban Decay’s new Troublemaker mascara that had fans calling him “creative,” “dedicated,” and “nasty?”
“Hahaha this has to be the most personal way to test a product…” he began on Twitter. “Just sucked Nate’s d*** in the shower to see if the mascara would hold up.” What?! For some background info, the waterproof mascara claims to be so good that it’s “sex-proof.” Jeffree wanted to give his fans an accurate review, so he “dove in the deep end” to find the truth. “Correction: we didn’t turn the water on, we have a steam sauna function as well in the shower. Hope that helps,” he quipped.

As with everything Jeffree says or does, half of his followers freaked out, while the other cheered him on. “OK DUDE BUT MAYBE A BIT TMI?” said one shook fan. Another agreed, saying “children/teenagers are subscribed to your YouTube channel and look up to you, and you knowingly talk about these things.” However, others defended him, saying “this is why you’re the only one I trust when buying makeup.” His video will go up on Sept. 6, and we’ve gotta say, we’ll definitely be tuning in to see the results. As weird as it might be, you’ve got to admit that it’s the ULTIMATE makeup test.

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