In this preview for ‘Fear The Walking Dead’s next episode, Travis is desperate to talk some sense into his totally out-of-control son, Chris. Click inside to WATCH.

Travis (Cliff Curtis) has absolutely had it with his son, Chris (Lorenzo Henrie), on Fear The Walking Dead. As season two slowly but surely comes to an end, it appears the penultimate episode will pick up shortly after Chris killed an innocent man in front of his father.

In the preview for a new episode airing on Sunday, September 25, Travis confronts Chris about his actions. It’s evident from the start that Chris isn’t even thinking about what he did, as he’s more concerned about sipping his drink. “The least you can do is let it affect your appetite,” Travis tells his son, obviously disappointed.

Chris says nothing in response, so when he goes to take another sip his father slaps the can out of his hand. Ouch. Travis then demands to know why Chris did what he did, but his son’s answer isn’t satisfactory. Chris tells Travis that he was defending his “friend” James, to which Travis quickly reminds him that none of the guys they are with are his friends — he barely knows them.

“They are savages,” Travis tries to explain, but Chris only interrupts him with, “So I’m a savage.” It seems Travis is finally getting a taste of the Chris that threatened Alicia’s life so early on in the season.

Make sure you check out an all-new episode of Fear The Walking Dead on Sunday, September 25. It will be exciting to find out where Travis and Chris’ relationship goes after all of this drama!

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