Ranveer Singh’s next project came as a surprise. The actor has voiced the Merc with a Mouth in Deadpool 2. We have watched the Hindi version of the film and totally loved what Ranveer has managed to pull off with just his voice. He cracks obscene jokes, makes references to Bollywood pop culture and takes potshots at many actors. The movie is hilarious and an extremely enjoyable experience in Hindi as well – which is a rarity for dubbed movies. We met the actor to talk about his experience voicing for the film and he seemed more than happy to talk about it.

In Deadpool, Wade Wilson forms a team of superheroes that he calls the X-Force. Well, at least that was the crux of the trailer if not the movie. The joke is that Deadpool wants to name his team something that is gender neutral, unlike X-Men which also has women in the team. We asked Ranveer if he was to form his own X-Force, who would he pick from Bollywood. And with his reply, he nailed it. He, hands down, has the best X-Force team one could imagine.

Ranveer’s X-Force team:

Arjun Kapoor: Because his bad jokes can kill people

Sonakshi Sinha: Because she has killer thumkas

Tiger Shroff: Because it will be good for the team in the long run

Anil Kapoor: Because he has ‘killer’ good-looks

Coming back to discussing Deadpool 2 Hindi, we have to say that Mayank Jain has done a commendable job of turning this Hollywood script into a desi one. A few things did get lost in translation but with no effect on the entertainment quotient of the film. We say, watch it in Hindi.

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