It has been more than two weeks since Benafsha Soonawalla got evicted out of the Bigg Boss 11 house. The lady has getting a different perspective of things now as an outsider. Recently, in an EXCLUSIVE chat with Bollywood Life, Benafsha opened up on a number of things. One of the things she clarified on was that she NEVER said that Priyank Sharma was like her brother inside the house. The close friendship between Ben and Priyank has sparked off a lot of gossip. Many even wondered how would Benafsha’s boyfriend Varun Sood react to all this. Here is what Ben has to say about calling Priyank her brother….

What was your first reaction when these rumours started doing the rounds?

I was like Noooo! God nooo! Hahaha! Maybe I’m 21 and when I say I’m like a brother to my friends who are guys, people take it too literally. It actually means I’m like a buddy to them. They can have conversations with like they have with their guy friends cause I’m chilled. People don’t understand the actual essence of the statements, and of course want to create a big deal out of it. Go ahead, I’m loving the trolls. Good humour over everything.
What was your exact statement?
My exact statement was “Priyank is my best friend. In fact one day he told me “Ben you have that bro vibe about you whereas with other girls you’ve to be too careful as they get offended easily”. That’s what happened. He’s my best friend. Nothing less, and definitely nothing more.

It seems Priyank has said that he had developed feelings for you. What is your take?

If that’s the case then he’s gonna faint when he hears the “brother” rumours hahaha! When he comes out I’ll speak to him about it if this is what was actually going on. As for now, he mentioned in the recent episodes that Ben is a best friend and nothing else which is the truth.

Celebs like Kishwer Merchantt trolled you on the brother comment. What is your reaction?

Hahaha… who wouldn’t troll if this actually happened the way people think it’s happening. It’s not her fault. In fact I really admire Kishwer and the way she was in the Bigg Boss 11 house, loving, giving, deserving and super strong. I even mentioned in the house as to how she was a favourite of that season while Hina as usual tried to demean her by mentioning an incident she did not like. But then again, it’s Hina, she loves bringing people down, whether these are people inside the house, or outside.

The pretty lady has been busy with her VJ-ing but says she misses the house. “I have been travelling to Bangalore and other cities as part of campus shows. It feels nice to be outside however I do miss the house immensely,” she said.

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